“You consider yourself exceptional. You agitators always do. You mistakenly think yourself above the immutable laws of our glorious city’s charter. You think you’re special. Well, as you’re about to discover, nobody is above arbitration. Not the magistrates. Not even the king. And especially not you.”

Garrin Divraid, arbiter
to a condemned unionizer before his hanging

“Time is a path we walk all but blind, glimpsing only the ground at our feet. Looking back, we see shadowy traces of what has passed. Looking forward, there is naught but mist. The Harrow sheds light on the path of time. Its cards are stepping stones, which we walk up and down upon to see what has been, what is, and what might be. These sights can weigh on a harrower’s soul, but they also grant great opportunities to change not only what might be, but what has been, and everything in between.”

Madame Niska Mvashti, Sandpoint Harrower

“Never underestimate the importance of carnivals, my boy. People need entertainment, some reward for their daily toil. The circus brings its own rules and order, and for a coin you catch a glimpse of the larger world. Then it departs, taking its wonders and strangeness with it, and your average soul returns to the fields content. You see? For just a week everything changes, but then everything returns to exactly the way it was, and no one expects or demands otherwise. They see the width and breadth of creation, but remain unburdened by how small they are in comparison.”

Paracount Marcellus Thurvian of Belde
to his eldest son